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A.I. Powered: Philippine Bar Reviewer

Mock Bar Exams

Embark on a journey to mastery and success with comprehensive, full-length mock bar examinations covering all six (6) subjects of the 2023 Philippine Bar Exams.

In each simulated test, you will be given 20 randomly-selected essay questions and be given a four-hour time frame for completion, just like in the actual Bar exams. Upon submitting your responses, a highly advanced artificial intelligence system will meticulously evaluate your answers, identifying your areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Our AI system will then assess and score your answers based on their individual merits, generating an overall rating for your mock bar examination performance. This feedback will provide you with valuable insights into your strengths and weaknesses - all within a minute, allowing you to immediately focus your study efforts more efficiently and effectively.

It's important to note that the results of your mock bar examination serve as a valuable resource to guide you in your Bar review process, rather than an accurate prediction of your eventual performance in the Bar examinations. We encourage you to use the feedback provided by our AI system to refine your study plan and continue to improve your knowledge and skills.

Embrace the challenge and unlock your full potential with our Mock Bar Exam App. With thousands of AI-generated review questions, you'll have all the resources you need to prepare for success. Good luck on your journey!

Interactive Mock Bar Exams on Civil Law, Commercial and Taxation Laws, Criminal Law, Labor Law and Social Legislation, Political and Public International Law; Remedial Law, Legal and Judicial Ethics with Practical Exercises